H-D® Rewards Program

Viking Land Punch Card

Forget Confusing Rewards Programs! Get back to the basics with our Punch Card.

For every $25 you spend in the store you get a punch. After $250, you get $25 back to spend in the store. *Cards valid at both locations on your next purchase. Punches must be given at time of purchase.

No punches will be give on:

  • Insurance Work Orders
  • Warranty Work
  • Past Receipts
  • Sale Days
  • Purchase of a Gift Card
  • On-line Orders
  • Bike Purchases
  • Winter Storage

*All returns must be accompanied by a receipt and punch card. If not accompanied with a punch card only In-store credit will be given

*No cash value *No punches on redepmtions

*See in-store associate for details.